6 November 2011

Another job jobbed.

Alrighty, it's been a couple of days since I've shared my progress. But I'm pleased to announce I've taken another significant step forward in the creation of the new skin!
I have completed the SOCIAL button/window.
Basically the social window replaces everything except SAY and OOC, when it comes to interacting with other players.

When you click the SOCIAL button, a window appears, with the GENERAL tab pre-selected.
On this tab, there is a WHO list - which you can filter by All, Friends, Village, or Guild.
Above that you can add or remove friends.
On the left side, there is the friend-chat system.

The 2nd tab is the VILLAGE tab.
Very simple. Its got a box to type in and a box for where the text appears.

Third is the GUILD tab.
Here's where players create their guild and intereact with their guild members. It houses the leader's buttons for invites, announce and all the rest.

The fourth tab is replacing the whisper system with PRIVATE chats.
Basically its the same but better laid out and easier to read and use. Its also much faster.

All in all, the social window has been designed to keep you the game moving along at maximum pace, whilst emphasising the pleasure of the social element of SoL.

I'll be uploading a video when I've got the window all pretty and photoshopped :)

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