13 November 2011

Progress is cool

Who likes progress?
I sure as hell do.

Since my last public update I've done a fair bit.
I've fully completed the Social window.  It will house all chat that isn't OOC or SAY.  It is a self contained window that you can minimise or drag to the side - allowing you to have quick and easy access to whats happening.

On the main page there is a friend chat along-side a Who list (showing all the players currently online). Above that list are 4 filters: All, Village, Guild, Friends. Players will be able to use this to better see what allies they have online.
It is from this page players make arena challenges and manage friends.

On the second page, there is Village Chat. Plain and simple - text box @ the bottom, text feed above it.

The third window is the Guild window.

Much like the village chat there is a big text feed and a text box for it.
However, guild info and verbs are displayed above it. Being part of a guild will now be far less spammy, and far more social.

Lastly is the replacement for the WHISPER system. Now rebranded Private Chat.

It will work essentially the same way. Except players first select the person they want to talk to, and until you choose otherwise, all messages go to that person.
Dont worry, in case you forget who it is - it will be listed on the same page.
There is again, a text feed and text box.
I understand that when you're using WHISPER, you typically end up having chats with one person at a time. Even if that's not the case, this new system is far and away more efficient and easier than ever to PM people.
As always, you can set certain people to be ignored. More on that in the next blog where I discuss the SETTINGS window.
It will also cover how you can setup the ALERTS.  Basically this means you will be able to FULLY customise how,when, or IF the game alerts you to new messages.
I might even allow for "alert me only if my name is mentioned".
Alerts will be audio and visual (or one or the other)


  1. That last part "I might even allow for "alert me only if my name is mentioned"." would be very handy for the staff, alerted only when people ask for them. Though maybe it could also alert staff if "GM" comes up?

  2. Looks great atm, i hope to see more soon, id also suggest trying to get a permament host the games down a lot lately.

  3. when up one temp sevrer?

  4. so... when the server will return , I NEDD PLAYYYY

  5. The project still exits? Or SOL is gone?