7 November 2011

SoL needs YOU!

What's happening guys?
I have a fairly important announcement/request to make, and it relates to the new skill system in SoL. If you haven't seen that yet, you'll need to check out the video by clicking here.
The things you see me dragging around in the video are what I will be calling SKILLCARDS. What I am asking is: can anyone reading this post please join the effort to update SoL as quickly as possible by creating more SKILLCARDS for the game.
The icons are a total size of 30x30 pixels, including a 3-pixel border.
In order to create an icon I can use for SoL, I ask that you fit your designs on a plain black background, 28x28 pixels, with no border.
It doesn't really matter if you create skillcards that I or someone else has already made. I f they happen to be better (in my opinion), the I will use them.

Please email your submissions to my newly created gmail account for BYOND and YouTube: byond.fps@gmail.com
Please be aware that I don't want my inbox filled with suggestions or bug reports; I will be ignoring such messages at this time. The new SoL is so different to the current one that it would be a waste of all our time to assume it has the same bugs (even though it might sometimes be true).

Please ensure you include your BYOND key in the email. Anyone who sends me a skillcard that gets used in SoL will receive a special gift when they login to the finished product. It will likely be a special weapon or something. And will be permanent.

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